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Lynn Radlauer Lubell

Lynn RadLauer Lubell

  • Admissions Strategist and Coach
  • Founder, Admission By Design
  • Publisher, InLikeMe.com
  • IECA Professional Member
  • MIT & Harvard Graduate

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Admission By Design’s definition of success goes beyond letters of acceptance.

choosing the right schools; thriving academically and socially; personal growth for the student through the experience; good working relationships; positive energy and family dynamics; less stress


Client References and Testimonials:

All three of our college-age children were accepted to their first-choice school, either Early Decision or Early Action. Lynn was a great asset to our family during the application process. She was accessible, flexible, responsive, and efficient. We will definitely ask for her help with child  #4!”

– Roy Katzin, MD — Boca Raton, Florida

Guiding my daughter into writing things to enhance her chances of getting into the college of her choice was not an easy task. My daughter preferred the more understated poetic approach, and I deferred to the person guiding her-Lynn.  It was wonderful to have a buffer (i.e. Lynn) to run through these trials and tribulations with her- rather than me getting involved so emotionally. Lynn has strength and is not “put off” by tension caused by differing opinions on how college essays should read.  My daughter is strong willed.  So is Lynn.  And Lynn has the knowledge on what the admissions committee is looking for.  Lynn accomplished things with my daughter that I never could have. She made herself available to us whenever we needed her.  My daughter’s dream came true.  She was offered admission at many schools, including her number one choice, a top Ivy League university. Thank you, Lynn!

– S.L. — Boca Raton, Florida

Mrs. Lubell was a huge help in polishing my college application essays to get into the top universities. She was very accessible, and was always ready to give constructive advice. Her comments and edits to my papers were incredible useful, and I felt made my essays stand out from the typical college entrance essay. She was able to help guide me to think of creative, fun, and different ideas for all of my essays. She also helped me narrow down my choices and pick a school that was realistic for my goals and interest. With her help I was able to choose between schools like Washington University in St. Louis, University of Virginia, Lehigh, Villanova, and Notre Dame. She also helped me weigh the pros and cons of each school helping me in my final decision to attend Notre Dame where I could not be happier! I would suggest her help to anyone applying to college because I felt, with her help; I was able to best represent myself on my college applications.

– J. W. — South Bend, Indiana

Admission By Design provided me with a wonderful service and helped me through every step of my college application experience. From choosing the right colleges to submitting applications, Lynn guided me every step of the way. With a unique working style, conferencing through Skype, great accessibility and showing a keen interest in me and my applications, Admission By Design impressed me with its efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but also generated the results I was looking for. The quality of service was far beyond my expectations. Because I had applied to various colleges, I was intimidated by the large amount of essays however, with the great amount of help received from Admission By Design, I was able to tackle them all in time before the due date. I would highly recommend this service to any future college applicants.

– S.A. — Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Lynn helped my son tell his story in his own words — about overcoming a personal obstacle and transforming his life. No doubt it was well received by the admissions officers. He was admitted to several top schools when most of his classmates (with higher GPAs and SATs) were not. Many thanks!

– D. P. — Atlanta, Georgia

Mrs. Lubell’s personalized coaching services were crucial to my acceptance into MIT. She assisted me immensely in writing my essay by learning all about me, and helping me articulate my life story into an essay. It would have been so difficult to write about my life experiences and special quirks without Mrs. Lubell’s knowledgeable advice and brainstorming tactics. She was always available to assist me, very flexible with her hours, and genuinely interested in me.

– T.B. — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Admission By Design was the best choice I made as my daughter was in the process of applying to colleges.  Lynn worked closely with our family and was able to narrow down the list of colleges to match my daughter’s interests and academics.  Lynn also kept us on a continuous schedule progression where we knew exactly when the applications were due and the needed content.  She really made a very complex and stressful process go very smoothly.   I am also happy to say that my daughter was able to get in into her college of choice. Thank you Lynn!

– R.P. — Boynton Beach, Florida

Lynn’s ‘strategic plan’ made all the difference for my son. With Lynn’s guidance he ‘founded’ his pet project in 10th grade and built it over time demonstrating leadership and passion. It was a perfect topic for application essays. There is no way he would have accomplished this on his own.

– M. P. — Greenwich, Connecticut

Thank you for your help. You’re a brilliant editor and an amazing motivator. You pushed me to write essays better than I imagined. I am delighted to have been accepted at all four reach schools. Now I have to decide! Thanks again & looking forward to recommending you to others.

– D. R. — Boca Raton, Florida

Living in the U.K. we were not accustomed to what American colleges look for in successful applicants.  Thank you for enlightening our family and for suggesting activities and summer programs.

– K. S. — London, England

Lynn’s  financial aid advice was incredibly valuable. We did not know that some U.S. schools are need-blind for International applicants and others offer scholarships.  That, and learning about early application options made a big difference in our college strategy.

– D.A. — Brampton, Ontario

I was particularly grateful for the finesse with which Lynn assisted my daughter with the essay portions of her applications.  My daughter wanted the essays to reflect her voice and style and hesitated to accept any suggestions for fear her personality would be compromised.  Lynn’s editing ideas helped the reader better know my daughter, her energy,  her experiences, her passions without changing her writing, allowing her personal voice to be heard and yet substantially increasing the content and affect of her message. As a family, we believed that my daughter wanted to attend Wake Forest and yet she wavered on applying early decision despite the fact that the school was a reach.  Lynn was able to discern that she needed a campus visit when school was fully in session.  The next weekend we were on the plane and she was able to commit to early decision and will be attending in the fall.

– L.A. — Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I came to know about Lynn Lubell by reading the articles on InLikeMe.com. I hired her as my son’s academic advisor and not have regretted it. Lynn interviewed him thoroughly to know his strengths and weaknesses and spent hours researching for great summer programs and internships for him. She showed him the way to get those internships and helped him get out of his shell. After the first meeting, my son felt very confident about his abilities and stopped comparing himself with others as Lynn pointed out his specific strengths that would help him stand out during the admissions process. She put together a roadmap that outlined his four years of high school and gave a very comprehensive list of summer programs that he could pursue. She is very sincere about her profession and very approachable. She listened carefully and encouraged my son out of his comfort zone. I highly recommend Lynn as an academic counselor without any reservation.

– R. P. — San Jose, California

So, we thank you for your guidance through the test taking, application, and essay process of the college search and particularly for your recommendation to consider SMU since it was not originally on his list of schools!

– K. M — Florida

My daughter felt overwhelmed with the whole college process.  We made the right choice with Lynn Lubell.  With her expert knowledge, she helped our daughter choose her schools, get organized and meet all her deadlines.  Lynn was there every step of the way.  My daughter became confident and organized and was successful in being accepted at her university of her choice.

– V. W. — Delray Beach, Florida

Lynn Lubell was instrumental in turning my daughter’s good, but not great, essays into very strong and compelling…” submissions, which contributed to her acceptance at a highly selective private school.  Lynn asked pointed questions that allowed my daughter to sharpen her message, and counseled her on using a more active voice.  Lynn guided my daughter towards stronger and more compelling essays that still felt completely true to my daughter’s voice and experiences.

– M.A. — Menlo Park, California

My family is extremely pleased with the services we have received by Lynn. The ability to have someone with Lynn’s level of credentials and experience throughout the school year, to provide quality guidance and counseling for myself and my children is extremely important. During the relationship I have never had to wait for advice, whenever I needed it. Lynn’s accessibility and turnaround time on questions is stellar! Having Lynn there to interact with me and my child during her counseling sessions changes the playing field for everyone involved, and everyone involved knows it. Having Lynn on my family’s team nearly eliminates the stress involved during these crucial times for our children.

– W.C — Davie, Florida

I wanted to take a moment, now that the dust has settled, to send along a BIG thank you to you. I know this is what you do so you’re supposed to be good at it. But I felt you were extraordinary. Great with …………..–clear, consistent, and supportive. Great with me–especially in those moments when I was worried (or panicked) that it wouldn’t all work out. I know that you do this for many kids and so you know it works. But when you are looking at the world from the parent’s point of view–and it’s your first time–it so helps to have someone partnering with you as you navigate this path.  I know ………… is a wonderful kid. He works hard, has varied interests, etc. But I also know that he was a kid who needed packaging. He isn’t typical (although maybe no one is these days) and helping him find the right school and the right areas to focus on in the application made a big difference.

-A.T. — Belmont, Massachusetts

Again, thank you for all of your wonderful help and support this past year. I have already given your name to other friends, I hope they will contact you in the near future.

– C S. — Switzerland