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Expert coaching for college selection, applications, essays, and admission strategies.
2019 – 2022 Acceptances About Lynn Lubell
The Admission By Design Advantage

Personalized Roadmap & Coaching

Beyond curriculum, activity, summer, and enrichment advice, lies narrative development, college and passion exploration, and a plan to make the most of your remaining time in high school.

Application & Essay Support

Utilizing brainstorming techniques developed over the years, we uncover your most promising material.  Then we align essay prompts with your narratives to make the finished products engaging, well-edited, and memorable.

U.S. and International Clientele

Admission By Design has guided students and families throughout the United States and globally since 2008 including families who have immigrated to the USA.  Skype, Google Drive, and Admission By Design’s web-based portal make working together comfortable and effective.

Comprehensive & Hourly Services

Flexible programs, packages, and à la carte services for all years of high school (beginning as early as 8th grade), and graduate school admission, to meet your specific needs and budget.

Timelines & Organization

Admission By Design’s organizational tools and software keep students on-task, making high school planning and the admissions process less stressful and more productive.

STEM & Business Expertise

In addition advising students with a broad range of aspirations, Lynn Lubell’s background as an MIT alumni interviewer and Harvard Business School graduate provides a foundation for her expertise in STEM and business areas.

Real Students and Real Successes

Claudia Aber, admitted to Stanford, shares her experience working with Lynn Lubell. 

“Mrs. Lubell’s assistance was instrumental in my admission to Stanford and a number of other Ivy League and top schools. Beyond helping me decide on the best schools to apply to, Mrs. Lubell helped me describe a narrative of me (…)”

Specialized Software and Proprietary Tools to Drive Success
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