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Admission Interview Prep & Frequently Asked Questions

Your admission interview is not only a way for the college to get to know you better, it’s also an opportunity for you to get to know the college better.

Do a little research on the web, think about the reasons the college appeals to you, assess why you and the school are a good fit, and come up with some questions to ask.

Dress appropriately.  Arrive on time. If you have a resume, consider bringing a copy to offer to the interviewer.


  • 3 things you like about (NAME OF SCHOOL) — reasons you are applying
  • 3 reasons (NAME OF SCHOOL) is a strong fit —  why your strengths and passions are a good fit with the college, so you can make the most of your college experience.
  • 3 ways you plan to take advantage of what’s offered at (NAME OF SCHOOL) — how will you thrive there?
  • 3 ways you would be a asset (contributor) on campus and through involvement (clubs, academics, research)
  • 3 impressions you would like leave on the interviewer — how would you like the interviewer to remember you?
  • 3 questions for the interviewer — you’ll probably have the opportunity to ask question!
  • 3 things you are going to mention in your  thank you note to the interviewer

ACADEMIC: Tell me about your school and your classes.  What are your favorite classes, and why?  What are you interested in studying at college? How did you become interested in that area?

BOOK: Tell me about a book you recently read and enjoyed.  Why did it appeal to you and what did you learn from it?

ACTIVITIES / LEADERSHIP: How do you spend your time outside of academics? Tell me about some of  your favorite activities? Do you have any special talents or hobbies? What excites you and why? What types of activities would you like to pursue during college? How do you see yourself becoming involved?

INTELLECTUAL CURIOSITY: What has been your most exciting intellectual experience? Is there a project or research paper of which you are particularly proud?  What publications and websites do you frequently read? 

INTEREST & FIT: Why are you interested in our school? What are you looking for in your college experience? Why is our school a good fit? Have you visited our campus? 

POTENTIAL CONTRIBUTION: How do you see yourself pursuing your undergraduate years (education, activities, research, other experiences) at our school?  What will be your biggest contributions to our campus/college community?

SUMMER: How did you spend the last summer?

FUTURE PLANS: What do you see yourself doing in 5, 10 or 20 years?

DESCRIPTIVE WORDS: What are three adjectives you’d use to describe yourself. What are adjectives your favorite teacher would use to decsribe you? What are some adjectives your friends would use to describe you? 


HYPOTHETICAL: What would you do if you had a free day?  If were just starting out in high school, what would you do differently? If you could change something about your high school, what would it be?  If you had the time and resources, what problem would you tackle?

BLWP (1)

ACCOMPLISHMENT: What do you consider your most significant accomplishment? About what are you most proud?

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QUESTIONS FOR INTERVIEWER: What questions do you have for me?