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See what our clients have to say about our services and results. 

My son came to Lynn Lubell with a strong desire to attend MIT. Lynn’s knowledge of the school helped him streamline his application and focus on the important aspects of his candidacy. Organizing the application process, hands-on essay editing, and mock interviewing were all integral to achieving my sons first choice early admission to MIT. Thank you so much again Lynn!

 Suncoast High School Mom; Palm Beach County, Florida

Lynn made the notoriously difficult college admissions process very easy. My child got into all the schools of her choice, including a very prestigious institution that she probably would not have been admitted to but for Lynn devising a smart strategy. Lynn was able to read the metrics of the admissions statistics and discovered programs and opportunities that I would not have known about on my own. Lynn was also very hands-on and together with my daughter handled every aspect of the admission and application process from beginning to end. I would highly recommend her for your college-bound children.

Spanish River High School Dad (LK); Boca Raton, Florida 

Your advice to find an activity and pursue it with passion paid off. I think that was one of the main reasons I was admitted early to Stanford.

St. Louis Park High School Graduate; Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lynn was a pleasure to work with. She made sure both our children did their prep work, followed up and followed through. Because she managed the process there was none of the normal parent/child stress and anxiety. While we were involved in the process and kept informed, we did not have to nag or play the heavy. The outcomes (Vanderbilt and Duke) largely speaks for themselves.

 Pine Crest School Dad (BM); Fort Lauderdale, Florida

After meeting with our high school guidance counselor we realized that we needed better advice for our tenth grader. Lynn was able to suggest the necessary changes to his schedule as well as get him on track with clubs, activities, and leadership ideas. She also met with him over and over to maintain course selection, suggest tutoring for the ACT and SAT, college application help and overall support. Because our first son got into his college of choice, thanks to Lynn’s guidance, we did not hesitate to use her a second time, which has had equally impressive results for our second son.

 Spanish River High School Parents (M&A B); Boca Raton, Florida

“Having moved to Florida from Brazil, we knew nothing about college placement and very little about where our daughter should apply. Using Lynn’s guidance through this difficult and complicated process was the best decision we ever made.

Not only did we feel at ease it also brought great results. Lynn was instrumental in helping to choose good classes during high school, selecting community services, internships during summer, preparing for the tests, writing essays, choosing the schools, and of course, applying.

At the end our daughter was accepted in all colleges that she applied to and now she is very happy to have chosen Kelley School of Business, suggested by Lynn.  What a journey! A journey of success!

 Spanish River High School Dad (RD); Delray Beach, Florida 

We are extremely pleased with the services that Lynn provided our son who graduated in 2016 and is pursuing a history and education major and our daughter graduating May 2018 who is pursuing a Biomedical Engineering degree. We plan to have Lynn work with our youngest daughter graduating in 2020 and interested in a medical PHD. We found Admission By Design in 2014 when we moved from Belgium to Houston. Lynn helped our children with high school course selection, SAT/ACT preparation recommendations, participation in FIRST robotics, suggestions for an Intro to Engineering summer program, frequent Skype meetings with our children, the use of GuidedPath, suggestions for which Universities to apply, and assisting the college application process.

Lynn’s email reminders and Skype helped to keep both our son and daughter on schedule for all the application deadlines and significantly improved the quality of their submissions and college selection process.

 Oak Ridge High School Parents (C&D B); Houston, Texas 

We thank you for your guidance through the test taking, application, and essay process and the college search — particularly for your recommendation to consider SMU since it was not originally on his list of schools!

 Boca Raton High School Mom (KM); Boca Raton, Florida 

Our experience with Admissions by Design prepared us as parents for the preparations, timing, and requirements for College Admissions process. Every year from 9th grade through Madison’s acceptance, we were prepared for. We knew when to focus on community service, when to apply for college summer programs for high school students, and when to start working on essays and recommendations. Her private school had their first meeting for college admission prep in 11th grade, we had been meeting with Lynn preparing since 9th grade.   For Madison, the grade by grade requirements and meetings with Lynn helped her feel confident and prepared.

 North Broward Prep Mom (SC); Boca Raton, Florida

When my daughter told us she wanted to go to an Ivy League school, we knew we needed expert help in the college admissions process. We were very lucky to meet Lynn Lubell.

Lynn worked with my daughter through the entire process. She provided guidance, structure, and motivation. Lynn is very good with the kids, has the right balance of motivation and discipline.

She was able to help my daughter with her goals and expectations. Lynn has a very friendly and efficient program that the kids follow in order to comply with the requirements and due dates of the application process. One of the most important parts of the admission process is the writing of the essays and Lynn was involved from the brainstorming stage to the delivery of the final essays.

My husband and I were very happy with the help and guidance my daughter received from Lynn. Our daughter applied to 8 universities and was accepted to all of them. She ended up attending her dream school. We will always be grateful to Lynn and highly recommend her to anyone who understands that the admission process is not an easy one, unless you are guided by someone with the expertise, intelligence and abilities that Lynn Lubell offered us.

Saint John Paul High School Mom (CA); Boca Raton, Florida 

I could not imagine my college admission process without Lynn. She not only helped me figure out what I wanted to study but also what schools would be the best fit for me. Lynn quickly learned who I was and what I was looking for, even when I thought I did not know it myself. She dedicated countless hours in order to help me verbalize my story, my passions, and create an incredible essay. With Lynn’s guidance, I was accepted into all eight universities I applied to. She pushed me to maximize my potential and focused my search for the perfect school. I am so proud to say I ended up in the right school for me and could not picture my college experience anywhere else.

Spanish River High School Graduate (FM); Delray Beach, Florida

Before working with Lynn, I hadn’t fully found a casual writing voice. For school, I wrote history/literature essays, scientific reports (for science fair), and the occasional short story. I hadn’t ever had to talk about myself, which turned out to be crucial for college admissions. A bit more intangible was the “package” that was created over several weeks/months. It was the process of carefully matching my interests to the specific opportunities at each school, ensuring different aspects of my personality came across in the essays, and weaving my experiences into a cohesive narrative. Lynn was instrumental in helping me reflect on my high school career and giving guidance and a grounded outside perspective on how I appeared as an applicant.

Suncoast High School Graduate (JH); Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Lynn is an amazing college consultant!  She began by using personal interest surveys to help our daughter identify topics and courses of study she might want to explore further throughout high school.  Lynn also has a broad knowledge of possible extracurricular and summer activities where our daughter could continue to expand her learning.  Once the college application process began, Lynn helped our daughter narrow the list of colleges and universities for us to visit, based on the criteria they had developed together and using her first hand knowledge of the colleges and universities.   Lynn had our daughter set goals for completing all of the pieces of her applications.  Lynn taught her how to professionally present herself on paper as well as in a interview.  We feel that our daughter was able to maximize her potential in high school with Lynn’s guidance.  We appreciate what a smooth process Lynn made her college application experience!

 Saint Andrew’s High School Mom (SL); Boca Raton, Florida

One of the most stressful times of our family’s life was getting our oldest child prepared and applying to the right college. Lynn Lubell helped us manage this process incredibly!  She structured a plan for our eldest daughter addressing the timeliness of application deadlines, mechanics of essay writing, and college and credential evaluations. Lynn’s guidance was knowledgeable, accurate, and steady. When it came time for our second daughter to apply to college the decision on who to use was easy.

Spanish River High School Mom (SG); Boca Raton, Florida  

I wanted to take a moment, now that the dust has settled, to send along a BIG thank you to you. I felt you were extraordinary. Great with both kids–clear, consistent, and supportive. Great with me–especially in those moments when I was worried (or panicked) that it wouldn’t all work out.

Belmont High School Mom  (AT); Belmont, Massachusetts  

I came to know about Lynn Lubell by reading her articles on Lynn interviewed my son thoroughly to know his strengths and weaknesses and spent hours researching for great summer programs and internships for him. She put together a roadmap that outlined his four years of high school.

Bellarmine College Prep Mom (RP); San Jose, California  

Lynn helped me organize my thoughts so I could write detailed but unique essays for each of my graduate school applications. I enjoyed working with her during this process and I am happy to say that I received multiple letters of acceptance to some of the top universities in the country. Ultimately I chose to attend Georgetown University to pursue my masters in healthcare system administration.

Wake Forest University Graduate (BL); Washington, D. C.  

We knew our son was a talented kid, however, he was all over the place with his academics and activities. Not having any personal experience related to the admission process, our biggest fear was that he was going to fall through the cracks. Lynn has helped him focus on a couple of areas that highlighted his tremendous ability to take on hard to do tasks and deliver on them. We think this was key in helping him place so well in so many top institutions.  Her frequent interaction and motivation via Skype and emails, helped this teenager stay on target. We also appreciated how Lynn subtly “roped” us in when there was a need to make sure our son stayed focused. Overall, we could not be sitting where we are today, without Lynn’s help. She’s a genuine person. We are lucky to have found her. We look forward to seeing her  again for our younger child’s admission cycle.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Parents (B&P A) Parkland, Florida

Lynn was absolutely amazing. She bonded with my daughter from the get-go and made the entire college admissions process stress free. What I appreciated most was that Lynn took the time to get to know Amanda as an individual to determine which colleges would be best suited for her.  With Lynn’s guidance, Amanda was able to find and tell her unique story which complemented the rest of her application. She was accepted into one of her top choice universities and is thriving.  Thank you, Lynn.  We would hire you again in a heartbeat.

Spanish River High School Mom (DY); Boca Raton, Florida 

Working with Lynn not only facilitated the usually very hectic process of applying to college but additionally eliminated nearly all of the stress. Whether I had a quick question about an essay or needed her to proof-read an email to a university, Lynn was always beyond-eager to help.

Throughout the entire process, Lynn pushed me to stay on top of writing my essays while still ensuring I was producing the best work I could be. She created a personalized work plan for me that motivated me to continue making progress and asked me to send her essay drafts as frequently as I could for review.

I moved across the country in the middle of my junior year, leaving me with a multitude of questions regarding the college application process. Which school sends my transcripts? How do I explain the changes in my academic schedule? What will the impact of moving be on how an admissions officer view my application? Lynn was able to answer all of these questions and many more. Any stress that moving had caused in regards to college applications, Lynn was able to eliminate.

Lynn was willing to help out at any time and to do nearly anything to ensure my success. The night before one of my applications was due, I thought I had failed to submit a form and panicked. I quickly emailed Lynn, and at 9:00 pm on a Tuesday night, Lynn picked up the phone and called me to ensure that I was not too worried and to come up with a plan for how to submit it the next day if necessary. Although I did not end up needing that form at all, Lynn had a plan in the event that I did and eliminated both my stress and my mother’s stress that night.

Saint Andrew’s High School Graduate (KL); Boca Raton, Florida

Without Admission By Design, I would have been very confused and stressed about applying to colleges. Mrs. Lubell made sure I applied to a variety of appropriate colleges best for me and then helped me with applications, essays, deadlines, and so much more. Without Mrs. Lubell I would have felt very overwhelmed. I can easily say that Mrs. Lubell helped me get into a university where I could not be happier!

Spanish River High School Graduates (AY) Boca Raton, Florida

My son started working with Admission by Design junior year. He was excellently prepared for the college application process. All of his applications were done well and he never missed a deadline. The best part about the process is that Lynn handled everything and I had no stress about it getting done. The only thing I would have done differently is that I would have started with Admission by Design when he was a freshman. He would have benefited from the guidance in course selection, extra-curricular activities, and test preparation. I would highly recommend Admission by Design.

Spanish River High School Mom (KH); Boca Raton, Florida

The college admissions process seemed incredibly daunting and I knew I wanted to end up at a top-tier university. I was nervous about preparing for my applications. Before even beginning the process of writing essays and editing, Lynn and I went over all the schools I was considering and made sure to understand what each one had that I wanted; whether that be city locations, business programs, etc. Penn and more specifically Wharton had exactly everything I was looking for so we immediately began working towards that goal. Writing college applications is an art, and you have to try and distinguish yourself from the thousands of other applicants. Lynn pushed me to think about what was different about me and how I could use that to gain leverage in the admissions process. We sat down and spent countless hours brainstorming and then writing in a way that would show that I was different from most applicants. I went from having an incredibly generic response to my essays all the way to crafting something incredibly personal that was able to tell my story. Apart from the essays, Lynn helped me navigate through the dates, deadlines, and other important college admissions features. I ended up at my dream school and I cannot thank her enough for helping me get to where I am today. Admissions by Design is an incredible platform for young students to navigate the college admissions process and also to gain insight as to what admissions officers are really thinking while looking through your application. I definitely would not be at my dream school had it not been for Admission By Design.

Spanish River High School Graduate (NZ); Boca Raton, Florida

Lynn helped my 2 children get accepted into the schools they wanted. My oldest was accepted in Worcester Polytechnic Institute and my youngest in Syracuse University. Their journey started when they were freshmen in high school and had no idea what to do with their lives. Lynn helped them to identify their potentials and what career would make them more productive and happier, discovering their passion for Industrial Engineering and Civil Engineering. Each year during high school, she coached them in selecting the classes that would help them more for getting accepted in college. Finally they chose schools with the help of Lynn, based on their personalities, interests, and professional goals. I would recommend Admission by Design to anyone with children in high school, or even in middle school, and want them to have the best opportunities when college applications come.My children are now junior and freshmen in college. They are happy, getting very good grades and lots of important experiences.  Thank you, Lynn and Admission by Design!

Spanish River High School Dad (OB); Boca Raton, Florida 

Mrs. Lubell’s college counseling was so beneficial to me. She kept me on track with all of my deadlines, helped me to manage my busy academic schedule, and juggle the mix of college applications, testing, recommendations, etc.  Her assistance taught me time management skills that I’ve taken with me to Penn. Her support and guidance when it was time to make some challenging decisions of where to attend college meant the world to me because she was unbiased and objective. Thank you again, Mrs. Lubell, for the time you committed to me!

Spanish River High School Graduate (MA); Boca, Raton, Florida 

Lynn was very effective at helping our daughter identify summer programs that aligned with her academic interests and gave her college exposure. She was accepted at both the Cornell and University of Miami summer programs. She chose to attend University of Miami and had a terrific experience.

Palm Beach, Florida Mom (CBM)