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Attending college in the United States is a dream for many international students.

It is not unusual for international students and their parents, including those residing in the United States, to find the prospect daunting because they are unfamiliar with the admissions process and selection criteria.  For instance, most competitive U.S. colleges and universities have a holistic admissions process that values leadership, sustained involvement in activities, initiative, and character, in addition to academic achievement and intellectual promise.

Students living abroad face a unique set of challenges when preparing for, and applying to, American colleges.  Admission By Design understands these nuances, as well as the unique cultures of numerous colleges and universities, and creates a personalized strategic plan for each student to streamline the process, reduce stress, improve opportunities for success, and avoid costly mistakes.

Skype, Email, Google Drive, and Admission By Design’s web-based GuidedPath portal make communication easy and convenient for international students and their parents.

Based in South Florida, Admission By Design consults with students and families throughout the United States and worldwide. Lynn Lubell has held the IECA International Specialty Designation since 2012 based on her experience and expertise working with international students attending high schools in the United States and abroad.