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Recommended Reading

Reading more is one of the easiest ways to expand your vocabulary.

Both the ACT and SAT use text from literature, history, and science. Unless you are an avid reader or your high school education is extremely rigorous, you may be unaccustomed to what you’ll encounter on these college entrance exams.

It isn’t uncommon for interviewers to ask applicants about an issue in the news to get a sense of their knowledge of (and interest in) current events.

One of the easiest and most natural ways to broaden your vocabulary is by simply reading more.

Both the SAT and ACT use texts from literary works, as well as historically and scientifically minded documents. Unless your high school is uncommonly rigorous, or you are preparing for Advanced Placement exams in courses like American history or literature, you may have limited exposure to such writings, which can make them intimidating.

That’s one reason I recommend signing up and reading a daily news-related email such as TheSkimm, Quartz, or Need2Know. Read the News Section of Admission By Design Reference Document in your ABD Google Drive Folder for links for subscribing to these free news aggregation sites.

Lynn’s Reading Suggestions for Students & Parents

5 Classic Novels (Thought Co.)

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